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Welcome to True North!

Welcome to True North - the west suburbs' premier provider of comprehensive mental health services for you and your family. We are pleased to put forth a model of service that values collaboration and communication, one that sees mental health as an upward trajectory, building skills and competencies in each individual while addressing specific areas of challenge or stress. We see ourselves as guides along your journey to more enjoyable and fulfilling times and offer our clinical expertise and professionalism with nothing but the most hopeful and supportive expectations.

True North redefines previous notions of mental health treatment. We give you, our valued client, the most competent, compassionate and friendly guidance as you make your way through challenging times. We understand that nothing is more important than your mental well-being and the stability of your family. We approach self-improvement in a manner that is affirming and empowering, appreciative of individual differences and personal strengths.


From within this supportive and caring environment, be guided, True North.

 Our Services
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Individual Therapy

Individual work is at the heart of most treatment plans.  From within the confines of the important relationship between client and therapist, lasting change and meaningful insights may be achieved.

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Performance Coaching

Mental performance coaching is a process where a coach helps individuals improve their cognitive abilities and mindset to achieve their goals through various techniques and strategies. The goal is to optimize mental performance and reach full potential.

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Teenager Neurofeedback Session

Neurofeedback offers a powerful treatment modality to address a variety of mental health concerns.  LENS neurofeedback is offered by Susan Pollard, LCPC as an effective alternative for managing symptoms of ADHD, mood disorder, anxiety, and other presenting issues.

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Group Therapy

Many issues benefit from supportive therapies that involve education and processing from within a group context. Please visit the GROUPS section of our web site to learn more about our group offerings.

Group Therapy
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Case Management

Communication between providers is an essential aspect of your treatment plan. With your permission, providers will connect with other important people in your life to ensure coordinated and collaborative efforts.

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In navigational terms, "True North" is marked in the skies by a bright star, the celestial North Pole.  From where one stands, directly up.  In our daily lives, the concept of True North relates to the positive changes and growth we pursue in an effort to live a more enjoyable and productive existence.  We named our practice "True North" to reflect the same ideology - the notion that through positive changes, insight, communication and new ways of relating to others, each of us may find personal direction that is at once upward and true.

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Connection, Direction

Seeking mental health care for yourself or a loved one is a daunting prospect. Unlike other types of health care, the rapport between clinician and client is wholly a part of the healing process. Not just a luxury, the comfort and connection that you feel with your doctor or therapist is paramount. As such, you are encouraged to ask questions as a thoughtful consumer during this process. To the end of making a good decision, we encourage you to review the staff profiles on this web site. If you would like, place a direct call to any of our professionals at the office.

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