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True North offers a full range of mental health services. With professional staff members from the fields of clinical psychology, social work, and professional counseling, we are uniquely able to offer comprehensive, multi-disciplinary services to our clients.







Youth Counseling

We get you.

Seeking mental health care for yourself or a loved one is a daunting prospect. Unlike other types of health care, the rapport between clinician and client is wholly a part of the healing process. Not just a luxury, the comfort and connection that you feel with your doctor or therapist is paramount. As such, you are encouraged to ask questions as a thoughtful consumer during this process. To the end of making a good decision, we encourage you to review the staff profiles on this web site. If you would like, place a direct call to any of our professionals at the office.

Getting started...

A few things you should also know in advance of an office visit relate to insurance coverage and office policies.

Insurance coverage: Each clinician at True North is a preferred Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois PPO provider. When calling the office to schedule a first appointment, please have your BCBS card handy. If you are covered under another health care plan (including Blue Cross HMO), it will be important that you make prior contact with your insurance company before starting treatment.

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Support Group Meeting

Let's do this!

At True North, we’re committed to providing you with the most exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. With many years of experience, we achieved a well-deserved reputation as one of the best Mental Health Clinics in the area and beyond. Since the very beginning, we have had the philosophy that our patients come first, insurance issues come second. No matter why you’re visiting us, we provide comprehensive and excellent care. Find out more about our providers and let us take care of you.


Call Your Therapist @

(630) 653-1000  

  • Mallory Jones, LPC (x703)

  • Jacey Keeney, Ph.D. (x707)

  • Erica Malloy, LSW (x705)

  • Paul Mullen, Psy.D. (x700)

  • Susan Pollard, LCPC (x704)

  • Dede Schwartz, LCPC (x706)

  • Zack Sparkman, LPC (x 709)

  • Sue Taddeucci, LCSW (x708)

  • Pam Witt, LCSW, CADC (x711)

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Questions about billing?

Please call or email our friendly and helpful billing professional, Gail!

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