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Discussing Books
  • How can I schedule an initial session?
    Initial sessions are coordinated by our front office staff. To initiate that process, please call our office at 630-653-1000 and select option #2 to be connected to an intake specialist. Alternately, you may use the Contact form at the bottom of this page to send a message to the office, Either way, you'll hear back within 24 hours, then spend a few moments by phone reviewing your referral and individual needs. From there, our specialist will be in touch with the appropriate provider to get your initial session scheduled. Once you are an existing client, appointments can be scheduled and altered 24/7 using your therapist's TherapyPortal online.
  • Is my insurance accepted?
    Each of the clinicians at True North is independently contracted with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois and a preferred provider in their PPO. If your health insurance is through any other insurance company, your care is considered "out-of-network." In that case, you will need to provide payment at the time of service and be presented with a "SuperBill" that you may submit to your provider in order to receive out-of-network benefits. Be sure to connect with your insurance company before initiating treatment to confirm coverage and get specific details about reimbursement. There is quite a bit of variability among companies and you'll want to have clear information from the start.
  • Where do I access telehealth sessions?
    To access your clinican for a scheduled telehealth session, simply click on their name from the STAFF drop-down list, then click on TELEHEALTH. You'll instantly connect to their online telehealth portal!
  • How can I complete a Release of Information Request?
    The clinicians of True North value collaboration with other providers, and see this communication as an essential component of your treatment. Including family members in treatment is important as well. To allow such communication between your therapist and other important people in your lives, please complete a Release of Information Form (ROI) and return it to your therapist or to the office staff. You'll find this form on the CLIENTS page of this web site, at the bottom in the section marked "Client Documents."
  • How do I pay my bill?
    Each clinican's online TherapyPortal makes it convenient to make a payment at any time! Simply click on their name from the STAFF drop-down list, then click the SCHEDULE button to connect with their TherapyPortal site.
  • How do I request a "SuperBill?"
    Clients who are submitting their sessions to an insurance company for out-of-network benefits will need to request a SuperBill. You may do so by sending a secure message to our office via email at: Note: SuperBills will be sent securely through the TherapyPortal and can only be issued for paid balances.
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