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Group Seflie

The clinicians of True North are skilled in both individual and group therapies.  Groups are held at the Downers Grove office both on a periodic and an ongoing basis.   Take a look at some of the offerings below, and be sure talk to your therapist about which group might be beneficial for you.

Support Group Meeting
Children in Classroom
Super Flex Training Academy
The Super Flex curriculum is designed to create an engaging and effective context in which school-aged children can learn about and practice social reasoning and interaction.  Using the charming Thinkables and Unthinkables characters, participants are able to increase their awareness of social dynamics and begin to use more effective skills in their interactions with others.


Group leaders:  Dr. Paul, Dr. Keeney, Erica

Health Initiative Series
The Health Initiative Series addresses a rotating variety of topics, each to support a specific client and need.  These 6-week groups help participants cope with the unique stress of their situations, combining the clinical support of a professional leader with the peer support that others in similar situations can share.  
Caregiver Bootcamp
This program supports those caring for disabled children, adults, and elders.
Suddenly Single
This program supports those finding themsleves coping with grief following the loss of a partner through death, breakup, or divorce.
Coping With Chronic Illness

This program supports those with chronic health conditions including Cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Heart Disease, COPD, and Diabetes.

Group Leader: Dede

The Summer Social Series

The Summer Social Series is intended for elementary-school aged children and will provide them with direct instruction and practice of the social skills that will allow them to enjoy more productive and enjoyable relationships with their peers.


Skills include: Awareness of others, starting and maintaining conversations, making oneself approachable, finding common interests.  The group will provide support to kids for whom social interactions may not come naturally, helping them to appreciate that they are not alone in their struggles.  


Group Leader: Erica

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